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Allison Watson

Medium: Acrylics

Ms. Watson has lived in North Florida all her life. She began her profession as a studio artist in her early twenties. She has worked as an animator, illustrator, textile artist, art teacher and licensed interior decorator. Ms. Watson paints from her own photographs taken locally, as well as from remote locations worldwide.

As a lifelong environmentalist, her artistic creations manifest her love of nature. She is represented in over 200 public and private collections from New York to Nigeria and Peru.

Telephone: 904-398-7145

Artist Information:

The presence and power of nature are magnificently presented in the landscapes of Jacksonville artist Allison Watson. As a master of light and shadow and with the use of brilliant color, Watson easily creates portals for those who wish to enter an enchanted world rich in color and texture and filled with lush vegetation reminiscent of lands still primal and untouched. Watson’s approach is direct, perfected and uncompromisingly meticulous. Breathtaking vistas, serene marshes, calm waters and detailed vegetation are presented with vitality and virtuosity. Each and every compositional element is subjected to Watson’s well-trained eyes, technical skill and scrupulous understanding and use of color. There are no secrets or secondary meanings. . . Just a straightforward passionate approach to subject matter that holds great significance for her.

A lifelong environmentalist, Watson draws on that passion and interest. Any viewer at any time can easily be transported into any given composition and be immediately placed at a vantage point that allows one to draw on the pristine beauty of nature, to revel in its power and to contemplate its frailties. Ms. Watson makes us take notice of our natural world and creates work that will not allow us to forget.