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Liona Boyd - Art gallery of oil paintings

Medium: Oils

Liona Boyd, known as "The First Lady of the Guitar" has introduced millions around the world to the art of classical guitar through her concerts, television specials, and twenty recordings, many of which have gone "Gold" and " Platinum".  Liona's talent in the visual arts are displayed here in her oil on canvas paintings.

The beautiful music you are enjoying while a visitor here was written and performed by Liona. The title of this piece is "Lullaby For My Love" from her Passport To Serenity CD. If you are unable to hear the music for this site, please click here.

Oh guitar!

Female form that seized my senses
silver strings that claim my soul,
sing to the night of a thousand moons
and hold for ransom the gypsies muse.

Bathed in the perfumes of Granada,
brushed by the desert's dusty kiss,
with music whispered to the wind
seduce the new world's virgin heart. 

So like a lover take these hands
held hostage to the end of time,
pay homage to the poet's words
"La vida es sueno, pero suenos
suenos son." 

Liona Boyd

For more information on Liona, including her biography, CD releases, music videos, and much more, please visit