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Michael Myers - Black and White Photography

Medium: Black and White Photography

Upcoming Shows:

Spring 2011

Shows are in the photography category unless otherwise noted.
Jan. 22-23 Boca Raton  (mixed media)
Jan. 29-30
New Smyrna Images
Feb. 12-13 Osceola/Kissimmee 
Feb. 19-20 Orlando Downtown (mixed media)
March 19-20 Winter Haven
March 26-27 Naples (mixed media)
April 2-3 Ridgeland, Mississippi  (mixed media)
April 9-10 Spring Arts Festival, Gainesville
April 16-17 Mainsail
April 23-24
April 30-May 1 Fernandina Festival
May 7-8 Mayfaire/Lakeland
May 14-15 Pensacola (mixed media)
May 28-29 Decatur, GA  (mixed media)
June 4-5 Virginia-Highland, Atlanta

All images are open-edition.  Depending on the particular image, a print may be traditional silver gelatin/selenium toned on fibre-based paper, or it may be digitally printed from the original negative, using Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl paper. 
If you would like to purchase an image in a size other than available through this website, please contact Michael at


A native of Florida, Michael has been involved with photography for over 30 years. He has a broad range of experience in the field, including fine art photography, photojournalism, commercial, medical and portraiture.

For years now, Michael has spent a large part of his time in the woods and marshes of Florida (as well as other parts of the country) producing images such as those seen here. Having been born and raised in one of the fastest growing states of the union, he has witnessed the continuing destruction of much of its natural beauty and attempts, through his photography, to preserve some of that beauty for others, and future generations, to enjoy.

The black and white process, he feels, allows for an abstract purity that cannot be achieved through color work, providing an essential, honest representation of his subjects, whether they be people, objects or landscapes.

Working with large and medium format film cameras, Michael combines the traditional with the contemporary for what he feels is the ultimate black and white photograph.  By using film as the source for the image, the depth and rich quality of traditional photography is retained.   Negatives are scanned on state of the art equipment and digitally printed on museum-quality papers.  The images are never manipulated beyond what could be achieved in a traditional darkroom.  That is, Photoshop serves only as his means for controlling contrast and density, etc., and allows for specific burning and dodging. 
From previsualization to finished print, Michael controls every aspect of the process: developing the negative, printing the image, mounting, matting and framing.

Included in private and corporate collections, and the recipient of numerous awards over the years, Michael continues to interpret the natural beauty of his native state, as well as a few other personal favorite areas of the country, including Maine, Arizona and New Mexico.