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About Creative Musings - Original Art Galleries

Creative Musings was born out of need ... the need for artistic expression and the more practical need for a corner of the world wide web on which to reside.

When the demands of her work as a webmaster resulted in Linda's resignation from playing French Horn in a local orchestra, a nagging void soon set in due to the lack of artistic expression. Later that year, Linda created a Flash® animation to send to family and friends to express her Christmas holiday wishes. When the greeting had to be sent as an email attachment instead of living on the web to be viewed, it became apparent the time had arrived for Linda to have a home on the internet.

The original idea for Creative Musings was to have somewhat of a personal homepage/gallery for Linda to display her art and endeavor more heavily into the digital art world. The site concept then grew to include Linda's many artistic family members and friends. The concept then turned into a dream of inviting the professional artists Linda knew to join her in forming a virtual art gallery online ... a place that would be welcoming and feel like walking into the highest quality of art galleries ... a place where artists could be proud to display their creations and know the curator of these virtual walls has the utmost concern for their needs ... and will take care of the technical concerns allowing them to focus on their art.

Creative Musings is in its infancy. Our hope is that you will enjoy your journey through these virtual corridors and that you will come back to watch this progeny of imagination grow.