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Artists - Original Art Galleries

Liona Boyd - Oils on Canvas
Liona blends her incredible musical talent into her abstract oil paintings. Several paintings feature guitar and mandolin that she is world renown for playing.
Peggy Harvey
Peggy Harvey - Oils on Canvas
Peggy's oil paintings range in subject from landscapes and florals to portraits.
Nettie Myers
Nettie Myers - Mosaics, Beading
Nettie's mosaics are beautiful glass paintings depicting nature and abstracts.
  Michael Myers Michael Myers - Black & White Photography
Michael's images feature landscape settings and conceptual images of nature.
Linda Wade
Linda Wade-Bahr - Watercolor, Pen & Ink, Web Design   Allison Watson
Allison Watson - Acrylics
Artistic creations manifesting a love of nature through brilliant color and mastery of light and shadow.