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Allison Watson - Acrylics
Liona Boyd - Oils On Canvas
Peggy Harvey - Oils On Canvas Linda Wade-Bahr - Watercolors and Pen & Ink
Michael Myers - Black and White Photography
Nettie Myers - Mosaics and Beading


Welcome to Creative Musings, an online art gallery of work by artists specializing in various mediums. The artists on this site were invited to help launch this gallery of art. Artists have the option to simply display their work with contact information, sell their art through contact information, or sell their work through their personal shopping carts available from this site. Creative Musings does not collect a commision for sales which allows all transactions and proceeds to go directly through the artist.

The addition of future artist galleries will be by invitation or juried appication. If you are an artist interested in joining this gallery, please visit the "Join" section of this site for details on how to become a member.

To visit the individual galleries, please choose "Artists" from the link above or click on one of the featured works to the right.

Thank you for visiting Creative Musings. We hope you enjoy your experience here.